An evening with Dai Le at HHQ Inspiration Series

An evening with Dai Le at HHQ Inspiration Series

Pleasure heading up to the city to listen to Dai Le speak about her journey and future plans. unfinishedbusiness representing Olympus Solutions in diversity and inclusion.

Alyce Huynh and Quyen Diep from Olympus Solutions attended the special event on the 24th September 2018 highlighting Independent Councillor Dai Le’s personal journey of career changes from Law student drop out to Journalist and joining the Liberal Political Party. Dai Le shared her story and persistence against challenges that she faced on her career and personal life.

Dai Le founder of DAWN focuses on providing mentors to guide other leaders and promote inclusion and diversity in society. DAWN also provides training to business such as Westpac about creating an inclusive work environment to foster contribution of diverse groups.

At the end of the speech we got the chance to network with the DAWN team (Leonard & Nadine). We discussed the upcoming events and projects and introduced DAWN to Olympus Solutions Core Values.

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Alyce Huynh is the Business Manager at Ability Options. She attended the HHQ Inspiration Series where Dai Le shares her story of courage and persistence.

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