The issue...

We live in a complex world. The Internet of Things (IOT) are shaping the way we do business, engage, and interact locally, and globally. In this environment, there are challenges and opportunities for organisations, businesses and individuals: how to leverage the diversity of talent, perspectives, and leadership style to enable them to operate in this “brave new world”. 

In Australia, our cultural diverse population is drawn from more than 300 ancestries and is visible in everyday life. Yet this is not reflected in the leadership circles of many major institutions in our nation. Here, the rich tapestry of cultures and ethnicities of representation suddenly disappears.


Mindset & Confidence

Unconscious bias and discrimination in the workplace inhibits opportunities for recognition and promotion

Cultural & Social Norms

Differing cultural and social norms lead to misguided perceptions of leadership capability


Lack of domestic networks coupled with language barriers impact confidence and chances to participate

Workplace Culture

Insufficient opportunities for migrants and refugees to engage in skilled work and mainstream society are limited

Our vision

DAWN helps you develop the leadership capabilities you need to lead in an agile and complex world.

With our key partners, DAWN workshops and programs, we will target individuals and organisations wanting to leverage diversity of thoughts, perspectives, and leadership styles to help them operate, live and do business in today’s world.

Established in 2014, we have lead the discussion in public and private sectors on the need for organisations to develop, harness and nurture a culturally diverse and inclusive leadership pipeline. We have run our unique Culturally Diverse Leadership Conversations in corporate as well as culturally diverse awareness workshops for individuals and organisations.

DAWN creates genuine and moving experiences in a safe and nurturing environment where emerging leaders are encouraged and supported to step up to leadership roles and make a difference.